Constructed Mythology

The Brotherhood of Petty Swords is an organization formed during the '''First Southron Invasion of the North''', or War of the Two Relams. It's founders are Karlos Andravim, Jethan, Ranzel, Roy Jillans, Ubben Nayton and the infamous reaver, Acherys Andravim. Ubben Nayton came up with the name because its members are all men with no significant background: Wanderers, Lesser Lordlings, Mercenaries and criminals. Ubben believed that the these petty swords will help the northern relam, shocking those highlords. It's main goal is to protect the lesserlings and repel the invaders.

Founding Members[]

Karlos Andravim[]

Karlos Andravim is the acting leader of the brotherhood because of his knowledge in real battles. He is a deserter of Andragoshi Army and is often called a deserter too by others. Within the brotherhood, he admires Roy Jillans and despises Acherys Andravim, whom is regarded to be a dark grim man by Karlos.


Jethan is a mercenary from Empire Bay. He was hired by the Thareons to hunt down Yvonette Thareon but was convinced to abandon his previous mission and join Karlos instead. He is a skilled tracker and bowman, often assigned the mission of scouting.


Roy Jillans' squire. He is shy and never really talk, and because of this, his background is mostly unknown to other members of the brotherhood. He is a skilled swordsman, able to defeat Roy Jillans if he dares.

Roy Jillans[]

Son of Krysen Jillans, the late Governor of Cape Alvadir. After his father's crushing defeat at the Karry, he joined the brotherhood, knowing that House Jillans would lost its favor and it's up to him to regain honor. He is a good friend of Karlos.

Ubben Nayton[]

The cheerful knight from Remrett, a tiny village near the Karry. He was not presented at the village when the Kingslanders razed it, and he is looking forward to kill any Kingslanders he may meet on his journey. He is the only one in the brotherhood who can actually fight on a horse.

Acherys Andravim[]

Karlos' old friend from the Andragoshi Orphanage. He seldom talks, and not because he is shy, but unwilling to use his mouth. He prefers the choice of a claymore and would often hack any enemies to pieces rather than taking them captive and ask for information. He is the survivor of a siege, and Karlos believes that something happened during the siege, and turns Acherys half-mad.