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Bonds are something of a telepathic link between a pair of creatures. Unicorns, Fae, Elves, and those who reside in the Divine Realms are the only creatures who can see a bond in a physical sense.


No one knows where or how Bonds originated, but it is widely thought throughout Kintaria that Bonds were passed down to mortal creatures by those who reside in the Divine Realms.


Bonds are often entered into without the knowledge or even consent of the individuals involved. Bonds are unbreakable and don't often end in death, instead carrying over to the next life. This can cause problems as an individual can never move on from the person they are Bonded with, even if that person has passed on.

A Bonded pair shares physical strengths if those strengths are magical in nature.

Example: Someone Bonded to a Gothic Vampire would not be able to be killed unless beheaded or had their heart destroyed. However, natural death (old age, disease, etc.) would be able to take place. The enhanced physical aspects of a vampire would be shared with the Bond for as long as the vampire remains alive.


When a Sorcerer or Sorceress lays eyes upon their Bond, they will begin to age with their Bond. This means that if the Bond is younger, the Sorcerer will stop aging until the Bond reaches the same age. If the Bond is in an arrested state of development (ex: vampire), the sorcerer will stop aging until such time as their Bond either begins to age again or is destroyed. If a Bond is forged and the Bonded mortal (assuming he or she is not another Sorcerer) is changed into an immortal, the Sorcerer will stop aging with their Bond.

This phenomena is only found in the Sorcery Lines and the exact cause is unknown.

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