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Black sheep, once loyal, mindless servants of the Squirrels, are now sentient, free willed and quite a sight to behold. Fortunately for the Squirrels, the sheep still feel emotional attachment to their old masters. They are proud members of the Nee Legion.

Black Sheepold

a Black Sheep before transformation.


The story of the Black sheep is a strange one, and is a fairly important event. As such, it needs it's own article.


Black sheep these days are like hybrids, with both sheep and Squirrel parts. Their lower bodies are sheepish in appearance, while from their torso up, they have the bodies of rather muscular Squirrels. Their heads are odd, resembling the head of both a squirrel and a sheep. The many mysteries concerning the design of the black sheep suggest that while designing it, the Squirrels had some sort of scientific breakthrough, which allowed them to create certain body parts that they did not have access to before.


The Black Sheep have no real culture, and so, the Squirrels share their culture with them. While they are not natural inventors or geniuses, most sheep are fascinated with the goddess Nut, and have offered improved designs for the royal guards, which bear a resemblance to Nut.


Black Sheep are usually found wherever Squirrels are found.