Constructed Mythology

Black Faithfuls is an army of warriors of Hanver the Just. They were either deserters, in debts, thieves or simply people in awe of their leader. With them, Hanver often clashes with the Armeyasians, the foreign ruler of the continent at that time. They prove to be a match to their adversary, the Armeyasian army. Even when Hanver is The strength of the army probably starts with only 500 men to a 10,000 men strong.

They were called as such because of the color they wear and they are known to be fanatic to their leader that they even over their life for him.

It is unknown whether Hanver kept the group or disbanded them.

Known Member[]

  • Serhon - Captain of the Black Faithfuls and right hand of Hanver. According to legend, he became a Faithful when he challenged Hanver to a wrestling match. He lost in that match and as a payment to the victor, he swore service to him.
  • Calline - Captain of the Black Faithfuls and the left hand of Hanver. According to legend, she is a slave before rescued by Hanver from the Armeyasians. She became the commander of the bodyguards of Hanver.