Constructed Mythology

A turquoise skinned race with no real distinguishing features, the Bips weren't very well known until the Bloodlands War, where they led the assault against the malicious Erz. Since the war, the bips have become more open to strangers, though they have never really been a very trusting people.



Bips have large ears which help them prepare for any incoming danger. They also have deeceptively normal looking hands which are actually useful tools for digging through dirt, sand and clay. Bips do not have hair. Male and female Bips are easy to tell apart by just glancing at them.


Since Bips are so secretive and suspicious, they have yet to share much of their culture with anyone. They seem to be highly dependent on sand for some reason, though nobody truly knows why.


Bips live mostly in the bloodlands, their capital city being the shell of a gargantuan, skeletonized turtle.

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