Constructed Mythology

"Fear not the wild lands young Bren, we are men, we dominate these plains." -King Tyaonix to his son

This page's main purpose is to list the... unusual beings of De'tetoom that you'd not find today.



Mammoths: There are many-many types of these beasts. They are gigantic, lumbering brutes with long tusks and muscled noses. The most commonly used types of Mammoths found in De'tetoom are the Eshu Mammoth, the Thunga Mammoths of Iuta, and the Sylevi Mammoths. Second to the Eshu Mammoths, the most common are the Pygmy Mammoths of Myoece, where they've spread out as far as Itusca.


Caledonian Boar: The legendary boar of Caledonia towers over men and eats everything in its path, living or dead.


Sabre cats: Though rare, these large beasts roam Eshu and lower Iuta. They are like lions or tigers with large sabre-like fangs.

White Panthers: Ghostly panthers who can only be seen when you do not focus directly upon them.

Cushite Lion: The great lion of Cush is said to tower twice the height of a normal man while on all fours.


Great Lizards: Though extremely rare, there are still dinosaur-esque beasts wandering the thick wildlands of the world. The Abaki are said to worship them, where the supposed largest cluster of them live.


Holy Crocodiles and Aligators: The Large Crocodilian creatures worshipped by primatives. They are typically kept in water pits and fed before the tribe can be. Crocodile worship demands priests to judge its hunger, and if not satiated after feeding, humans are given to it. If it refuses, then it is a bad omen.


Cockroach: Cockroaches swam around the ruins of the ancient abandoned cities, it is said they are bad omens of the demon cockroaches.

Colossal Cockroach: Also known as demon cockroaches, these beasts are seven feet long and several feet high. Their horrid pincer armed mouths constantly spit bile and saliva. Their eyes burn a bright orange, and can pierce through any shadows. Powerful legs can rip apart walls, let alone humans. Blades sprout on their limbs and spear-tipped antennae dart out. Their odor is far exceeds the ancient ruins and rotting meat. The wings spread out to a 15 foot radius, tucking out of their powerful exoskeleton. However, their stomachs are weaker than chicken's flesh.



Rage Mushrooms: When consumed raw, or brewed with alcohol, this mushroom gives the consumer a great imbalance of adrenaline and testosterone, sending them into a rage-filled berserk. It is noted by its red color and white flakes.


Man-Rot: Typically the bluish rot is found on corpses, but in select areas of the world it forms of living flesh, and causes intense burning sensations as it rots the rots the flesh away and spreads.