Constructed Mythology

Beorns are vicious creatures native to the Wilderwood. They resemble a cross between an ape and a bear.



Beorns resemble the Short-faced Bear that once lived on Earth. However, they move with the gait of a gorilla, and they have opposable thumbs on each hand. The average Beorn is about 7 feet tall when standing upright, and is a creamy brown color. Albino specimens are not unheard of.


Beorns are omnivores, willing to eat anything from deer to fungi. They often feed on lone travelers. Generally speaking, males are more likely to hunt and females are more likely to gather plants.


Male Beorns are solitary creatures, although females live in small groups. Males are more aggressive than females, and they hunt more frequently.

Beorns territory can cover a large area, usually with boundaries marked by landmarks such as hills or easily recognizable trees.