Constructed Mythology

The Beolothor National Army is the armed forces of the country of Beolothor. The current commander-in-chief of the Army is King Bargon V while the current Central Lord Commander and Central Fleet Lord are Sir Leporto Keleg and Sir Cajori Hodson, Loran of Cajamar respectively. The commander of the Security Command is Marshal Ismer Szalay.


Ground Command[]

The Beolothor National Army (BNA)ground forces was under the overall command of the Central Lord Commander who was appointed by the King of Beolothor and approved by the Circle of Nobles. The Central Lord Commander, who in keeping with tradition was a full general, served as the highest uniformed officer in the ground forces, answering only to the King of Beolothor. The BNA maintained its headquarters on Arbon, in the new BNA Command Compound. He is assisted by a staff officers known as the Beolothor Central Army Command.

For the first year of the country's existence, the divisions remained fairly unorganized, grouped to individual commanders or assigned to various region in and out of the country. It was king Cadalso II, 5th king of Beolothor who reorganized the army into numbered Divisions, forming a strategic arm of the Beolothoran military.

Original Armed Division of Army:

  • First Infantry Division
  • Second Infantry Division
  • Third Infantry Division
  • Fourth Infantry Division
  • Fifth Infantry Division

In 689, the government expanded the army and added the following division:

  • Sixth Infantry Division
  • Seventh Infantry Division
  • Eight Infantry Division
  • Ninth Infantry Division
  • Tenth Infantry Division
  • Eleventh Infantry Division

Naval Command[]

The Beolothoran Navy is just simply called as the Naval Defense. The overall commander of the Naval Command of the BNA is the Central Fleet Lord with the rank of First Admiral who is appointed by the King of Beolothor and approved by the Circle of Nobles. He is assisted by a staff of Admirals known as the Beolothor Central Sea Command.

The navy has five naval fleet, spread all over the north of Beolothor and a total of 40 warships ready to be deployed if threats arose.

The five fleets are:

  • First Beolothoran Fleet
  • Second Beolothoran Fleet
  • Third Beolothoran Fleet
  • Fourth Beolothoran Fleet
  • Fifth Beolothoran Fleet

Security Command[]

The Security Command is a special division of officers designated for the security of the Royal Family, Circle of Nobles and the capital city. The head of this division is the Marshal Protector whose rank is a usually a Brigadier General and commands around a force of 6000 soldiers and officers.

Aside from military function, the Marshal Protector also serves as civil administrator to the capital city, making the position important to ambitious nobles.