Constructed Mythology

The Benu is the last remaining phoenix on Drakace Island.


The majestic Benu. It lives alone on top of the tallest Brow Mountain, watching over the animals.


The Benu looks like a beautiful golden stork or heron, with golden plumage and healing flames in place of a plume, wings and tail. It has a shiny black beak and black legs. Its eyes look black too but close up they are green.


Benu and a Unicorn

Powers and Abilities[]

The Benu will never die of old age because of its magical regeneration properties. However, it can die of injury, and many hunters still try to climb the most treacherous mountain on the whole of Drakace Island to claim the Benu's head.

Its flames also heal your wounds to the touch. However, the Benu can also turn its flames into true, burning fire in order to slay what threatens the animals it watches over.


Once many phoenixes inhabited Drakace Island. But hunters killed every last one except for one - which was the phoenixes' emperor, a Benu. The last phoenix on the island flew up to the tallest mountain on the island to escape the evil hunters. The gods took pity on the phoenix and enhanced it magical powers. They also gave it a job: The Protector of Animals.

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