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Baal was the prince of the Elf Kingdom, Shorquita.


He slayed his elder brother, Kraal ,the former heir to the throne on accident. He became the king until 129 Red Age when he walked down from the throne to become an explorer. The throne was then given to his younger brother Araal. While crossing the Guildera River, he was kidnapped by the White Riders, a band of elves from the Elf Kingdom Pabbs, who took him to their king. There he met the Elf princess Udanias. She was to wed him until she was killed in the Battle of Thunder in the War of Mercardus between Pabbs and the Minotaur Kingdom Bullangmas trying to save a three-year-old boy from the pillaging minotaur. Baal worked hard to defeat the Minotaur in war for Udanias. After a grueling three years Bullangmas was defeated. Baal met the mermaid Jennaviva and wed her. They had five children: Baal II, Kraal, Udanias, Jennaviva and Humogrio. Humogrio was named from the land were all the creatures dwelled. Baal was eventually killed fighting the Minoutaur again in the War of Mercardus II when an unsuspecting Baal was stabbed in the back by a Minoutaur's spear.


He was a nervous man, easily entertained and frightened. He particularly liked hearing stories of ancient Elf Knights and their victorious battles.


Baal has no special powers.


Unlike most elves, he had poor vision sense. Enemies could easily sneak up from behind to attack him, which is exactly the way he died.