Constructed Mythology
Fubadub Allies
Fubadubs, Turkys, Gragons, Kombadombbbs, Ello, Fubadub Crows
Nee Legion
Nee, Squirrels, Wumpadumps, Black Sheep, Camaki, Zorkenhumulschmunks
Third Party
Mongosse, Chipmunk, Skant, Mizinti, Govoki, Undead Ello
Azuncian Alliance
Azuncians, Soul Harvesters, Monstrosidoodles

Azuncians refers to a family of races who are all very much alike. All azuncians worship the demon lord Azuncazunc and all are quite evil.


There are three main races in the Azuncian family. The most well known of these races is the Azuncian, which incidentally, shares it's name with the name for the whole family. Azuncians are large and red, with yellow eyes and two horns protruding from either side of their heads. Most Azuncians are very muscular, able to lift and carry very heavy loads. Azuncians have furry legs that end in large, black hooves. They are the warriors of Azuncazunc and as such, the most well known race of the three.

The Azunc are like Azuncian workers. They usually work nonstop in Azuncian mines or quarries until they die. Despite the poor treatment of the Azunc, they are loyal to their Azuncian bretheren and will fiercely defend them should they be attacked. Azunc are shorter and weaker than Azuncians, with beady yellow eyes and thin legs, bare of fur. Azunc are usually hunched over and angry looking, sometimes grunting at other Azunc in their own language, which sounds very threatening.


The Azmi are basically the mates of the Azuncians. While female Azuncians are very rare, male Azmi are even rarer. Azmi have pinkish-red skin and thin, attractive bodies. Azmi are often described by travellers as creatures with cute faces and innocent personalities, though only a fool would have more to do with one than just waving in greeting as he passes by.


Azuncian culture is unexciting, revolving mainly around working or fighting until death. They are not artistic, nor are they intelligent, so most scholars and students do not bother studying them. Besides, they aren't likely to let anyone near enough for them to observe them closely anyway.


Azuncians can be found in large numbers in the lower void, where the demon-lord Azuncazunc is rumored to be. They can also be found in the Gor-Gor desert with their monstrosidoodle allies and in small camps throughout Fubadubia.

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