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Azoc lies south west of the light of Denathor and as a result is filled with plush green trees. The kingdom is built with white stone and the top of its cathedral which forms the center of the town is clad in gold and reflects in the sun. The spires can be seen hundreds of miles away

The kingdom of Azoc has a Magocracy goverment body. This means it is run by the magically adept.


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All the kings have to answer to the lord of Calmour and are under his rule. Many heroes have come from Azoc like Dara the strong. She was a woman with the strength of many men.

Allies and Enemies[]

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The land of Daroz threathen the stability of the rule of the lord of Calmour and an aliance has bbeen set up to go against the formidable enemy.

Major Deeds[]

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The land of Azoc won the battle of many lands and ruled for many years before handing power gracelessly back to Calmour.

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