Constructed Mythology

Avran il'Cor was Esyrias' brother. A member of the Asaril. Viewed by the Haram as a great hero, although that status is debatable.

Fighting Style[]

Avran wielded two swords with engraved water runes. Didn't use blasts of magic, preferred more precise cutting effects.




Avran joined the Asaril at a young age. As a member of house il'Cor, he didn't really surprise anyone by fast becoming one of their most reliable fighters. Some of the best craftsmen in the Empire were employed to forge his twin blades, and he spent all his free moments for the better part of a month inscribing the runes on them.

Avran was shocked when he was ordered to be part of the assault on the demons. He had had some contact with them and respected them, and did not see them as posing any immediate threat. But his superiors were afraid of them and felt that they must be eliminated. With great uncertainty Avran agreed to lead his men into battle.

During the early fighting, Avran held back. The demons likewise fought to guard themselves, attempting to resolve the conflict without unnecessary bloodshed. However, while the demons were trying to contact the Asaril's leadership, a single soldier ran forward and, with a sword embossed with a water rune, lobbed off the head of one of the demons. At that point, any hope of peace was lost. The demons went mad, destroying the Asaril forces with a fury. Seeing his forces annihalated, Avran snapped as well. He proved a match for several of the demons, and they fell to his swords.

With several demons and most of the Asaril lying dead on the battlefield, Avran entered into single combat with Tharis. They appeared to be evenly matched, but Avran was able to draw on the strength of his dead and dying comrades, finally tossing Tharis into a pit of lava. As he turned away, he saw that his men were all but defeated. Somehow manipulating the energy of the whole Asaril army, Avran sealed the demons into their obsidian tower, and into the lava flows beneath the mountains. This act resulted in the deaths of the last few remaining Asaril.

However, fighting the demons, and finally sealing them, had taken a massive toll on Avran. The energy flowing through his veins had burned away all his blood. As the power that had sustained him evaporated, Avran too fell to the ground.

The battle of the Obsidian Mountains had no survivors.

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