Constructed Mythology

Avon, the jewel of The Haram Empire, filled with forests and picturesque villages, Avon is even more beautiful than Katar. Its population is only in the middle thousands and most here are farmers or traders. Shielded by the rest of the world by the Granite mountains to the east and Katar to the south, Avon is the least likely place for attack. But during the Haram war the Elves found a secret pass and invaded Avon by the thousands. The capital fell quickly and only a few ragged soldiers remained. Yet the 17th, 18th and 19th legions under the superb leadership of Supreme Commanding General Karldin il'Ren forced the Elves back in a three year struggle. Avon was practically burned to the ground. Its villages and forests ashes, fields wrecked. To this day Avon is recovering from this disaster. To prevent this from happening again, the Empire constructed the fortress of Mizzenguard to guard the pass of Despair.

"Never, again"

~Supreme Commanding General Karldin




Provincial Kingdom/Vassal