Constructed Mythology

Lunar Archbishop Avatea (born Diana Coroni on 16 April 947) is the reigning Lunar Archbishop , by virtue of her office as the head of the Church of the Holy Moon.She was elected on 19 April 1005 at the Cathedral of Luna in Konrig. She succeeded Lunar Archbishop Ontarse VII.

The current Lunar Archbishop was born in Gabon and aptly named Diana Coroni, though following Church tradition she gave up her birth name when she was elected to this high position, and adopted a new, holy name.

In her youth, she was the younger daughter of a wealthy Cikiran merchant, and was raised to join the family business. She found religion instead, being taught at the young age about the devotion of the Moon Goddess, Madonna. After turning thirteen, Diana petitioned to join the Church, and was accepted immediately. The kindly Diana was the student of Cikiran's religious leader, Bishop Antonio Rielva, Bishop of Keirchais. Diana spent many years learning from her pious master. She rose quickly to the rank of senior priestess, and had charge of a large town in Cikira.

The Church settled her then to Konrig. While there, she helped the Church of Holy Moon construct its most striking monument: the Statue of Madonna in Konrig. She then became an agent and adviser to the ailing Lunar Archbishop Ontarse XVII. She was then elevated to became Bishop of Gabon. She was being considered for promotion as Lunar ambassador when Lunar Archbishop Ontarse VII died, and king Dargh, noticing the quiet Bishop of Gabon, elevated her to the position of the Lunar Archbishop. The newly appointed archbishop, who named herself Avatea, took charge of the Church and swore to continue the good work her mentor and predecessor had begun so many years before.