Constructed Mythology
Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

For the most part, you run. They are just as intelligent as us, if not more so. Unlike us, they have no bones and cannot move. But if you attack it then they will attempt to defend themselves. They defent in many ways, and attack

Thorns- they will only just hurt you, but its enough to give them the edge

Poisoned thorns- strong enough to kill a great whale

Fruit bearing- these fruits will evolve you, reduce your life expectancy or just plain kill you.

Gas giving- from oxygen to super acid

Life draining- it will attatch to you and then suck out your blood. They may wrap around you.

Sheilding- they will form a protective barrier

If you attack a plyser, expect a counter attack. If they attack you, you are doomed.

  • How do I defend myself?
  • How do I attack and where to?