Constructed Mythology

Athol VIII, Noberator of Hamer, born Athol Nepomuk Dohman of Hamer (Halldru, 14 May 969) is the 10th Noberator of Hamer from 998 until now. He was the eldest surviving son of Athol Lanken II.

Athol was enlisted in the military of Bapuria as a youth but withdrew due to poor health. His great interest was forestry and gardening and had many trees from overseas planted around his manors for both economic and aesthetic reasons. He also decorated Hisgrub Park with ornamental buildings. Athol supported mining operations within his lands in Hamer in order to raise money. This included the construction of an ironworks at Olomo. He succeeded his his father to the Noberatorship of Hamer in 994.

Athol VIII I also expanded the Hamerian library through the purchase of complete collections of books. Atho VIII had the architect Garmand Raverseem design a new palace in Halldru, Hamer. He hired a seasonal theater group and a permanent music group.

Athol married Lady Betillia of Hamer, whom he met in his estate, on Feb 18, 1000 N.A. The couple has two children, Vulia Tharina of Hamer and Ferund of Hamer.

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