Constructed Mythology

the Sevenfold Dragon, mostly known as Astyanax, is one of the Ancient Four, the progenitor of the dragon race, and the master of common magic. He is extremely powerful in almost every way imaginable.


Astyanax is a dragon two hundred feet from nose to tail, with a long, almost snakelike, body. He has huge wings, with a wingspan almost as wide as he is long. His scales glitter in every color of the rainbow, and his eyes are like molten white orbs. He has huge teeth and claws. Long tentacle-like nostrils grow from his massive head, who are capable of moving themselves.


Astyanax was created by the Dreamer himself as the Lord of the Air. In the long past, he soared through the sky endlessly. After the Great War, he had to withdraw. He went to sleep on the first cloud island, and hid it through potent magics, which became a comet.

In its endless sleep, he was (at times) more awake. During the entire Fifth Era, his isle had fallen in an orbit around the World of Thurkear, thereby greatly enhancing the magic in that Eon. The potent archmage Karsus used his own soul and the mysterious magic of the soul to give the isle a jerk away, and keep it there.

It could not last, however. His isle had been tied to the world by the Prismatic Gate, one of the Seven Gates. One of the Dragon Elders set out, in the late Sixth Eon, to open the Gate, and thereby awaken the Elder. Herein, he succeeded. Astyanax awakened from his long sleep, and joined his kin in this world-shaking war. After the war, he was forced to retreat again from this world. However, this time he managed to remain awake. He in turn gave up his old hiding place for a new one, located in the Dream himself.


Astyanax is one of the most powerful creatures ever to have been recorded in the Chronicles of Magic. He is the only true master of common magic, as well as the only true master of auromancy. Even without his magic, the Sevenfold Dragon is still an enormous threat with his claws and bite alone. With his magic, however, he is easily able to defeat any god of this eon. He is worshiped as a god himself by the dragons and dragonlings, but derives no divine magic from that bond, as he has denied that magic.