Constructed Mythology

An Original member of the Hidden Blade. Unlike his brothers Asmosiar was always the cheerful one, joking about their job and looking on the bright side of life. At some point after his escape something appears to have happened to Asmosiar causing him to lose all of his senses except for his sight and smell(Feeling and tasting included). At first he took this almost as a joke and invented a language based on his hands although he could speak anyway. Eventually, the ability to smell and see the world around him (Food, drink, the pleasures of life) but not actually enjoy it got to him. Some say he's crazy, others just depressed. He left his brothers and disappeared until the Imperial Wars.

Like the other original members he appears not to have aged since the end of the Haram War (about 80 years) for currently unexplained reasons.


You'll never understand! No! NEVER! All of the world out there and I can't touch it! Feel it! Taste it! Hear it! You haven't gone through what I have. No, no you haven't. So that means I'm going to have to kill you doesn't it! Yes! Yes it does! You WILL understand after all! Oh yes, you will! You will lose everything! Just like me! Justice is done! - Before killing a person unknown

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