Constructed Mythology

Ashvamagajar is a three-headed deity worshipped by the wood-elves of the Yird. Ashvamagajar is considered an ayujutra which means a "super god" because each of his heads is a separate deity. His middle head wears a samuraiesque helmet with armour on his neck and chest and his name is Peleristius. Peleristius is the god of war and destruction as his armour probably designates. The right head is Jayanashodhra who is the goddess of happiness and peace and as so has long blonde hair and two arms springing from Ashvamagajar's giant, muscular arm. The last head is Magnara who is the god of regal power and the starter of the bloodline of all kings. Thus he is dressed in the traditional way of Elvish kings with his hair in a ponytail and a golden spear called Magnarastushram in his left hand. Magnarastushram, meaning quite literally "golden spear of Magnara", was a gift given to him by the dwarfs when he fended off an elvish attack to protect the dwarfish king, Eckburg the Victorious.


Ashvamagajar was said to be an immortal with no birth and no death in the famous Elvish epic, the Adhvasaha Mushuri. He is even called Lughara-sakraghi which means "(he) who never gets born or grows old". It is also said that he is the father of all the other gods with Jayanashodhra as the mother of everything. While he is revered in the pagan school of the Elvish religion called Ayujhandra, in all of the other forms he is said to have been born when the universe began and will die when the universe dies. In the pantheist Galaghra, they believe that he is the great reality of all things and that we are simply a dream of his or a part of his body or mind.

However not all beings are fond of the idea of a supreme three-headed god. The monotheist Ayuyarvham simply denies the existence of all the deities of antiquity except Chatrati and the monastic Tatsuja believes that Ashvamagajar is not all-powerful, but a lord of temptation or sanghraxis.