Constructed Mythology

The Army of Aurora, or simply the Cikiran Army, is the armed forces of the country of Cikira. As the king of Cikira, Sandro XI serves as the commander-in-chief of the army. The current Prime General and Sea General of the Army are PGeneral {{Kusano Turtola]] and SGeneral Antony Valgrund.


Ground Force[]

The Cikiran Army is under the overall command of the Prime General who holds the rank of a full-ranked general. He is appointed by the king himself and approved by the Council of Deputies. Aside from having the executive power of the ground forces, he also has the power to appoint members of the Cikiran Ground Command, the highest executive body of the army.

The 120,000 strong army is divided into five legions which are stations strategically around the country.

The five legions are:

Naval Forces[]

Officially called Sea Force, the naval command is under the authority of the Sea General who is also appointed by the King himself and with the approval of the Council of the Deputies. He is advise and assisted by the Cikiran Naval Command.

The Naval force of Cikira consist of two fleet, making it the smallest all over Hanver.

  • Northern Cikiran Fleet
  • Southern CIkiran Fleet