Constructed Mythology


Landscape Arloa is south of Turok. To the west is Lusor and to the east is Zotalor. High mountains can be found in the south of Arloa with large valleys in the north. Only the Siloz live in this country living by a few creatures.


The Siloz live by creatures that help them fight monsters that should attack their villages. Every year they celebrate Pastorit Day. The Siloz get their creatures and walk in a parade down the street, they walk together from their village to Mt. Arloa in the west of Arloa. When all the parades are at Mt. Arloa the Siloz place a drake on the altar to give protection from the monsters.


Plimp a small turquoise cat like creature

Ghost a monster created from tombs and dead bodies

Golem a monster made from rocks and normally guards tombs

Dragon a monster that evolved from drakes