Constructed Mythology
Arkan (8)
General Information








Average Lifespan

400 years

Physical Information
Average Height


Average Weight

115 lbs

Skin Colors


Eye Colors


Abilities Information
Magical Ability

Fire-breathing, Camouflage

Special Attributes
  • Flight
  • Enhanced Sight
Societal Information
Common Affiliations

Baltos, Chalte

Famous Members

The First, Arklius, Orlandeer

OOC Information

Leon, Mr. 89


The Arkan are a generally passive and peaceful sentient race, despite being carnivorous. They are religious in a more peaceful way, believing in the religious belief of The End and Beginning. They speak Baltrish, the national language of Baltos, and Arkish, the native language of the Arkan. A typical Arkan is 5'11", weighs 115 lbs, and has blue skin and green eyes. They can live up to about 400 years on average, but some rare variants, such as The First, can live up to 500 years.


The Arkan are typically peaceful, though carnivorous. They only hunt to feed themselves and do not wish to use their hunting implements to fight. However, this passive personality does not mean the Arkan are weak. They have many defenses at hand, such as their sharp claws, thundering hooves, spiked tail ends, poison sacs, and sharp teeth, and they will not think twice about defending themselves by using this natural weaponry. They value science as well as they do religion. Knowledge is most important within the Arkan society, and only the smartest can be leaders. Science is a valued art and many would pay thousands to get their hands on a scientific commodity. The Arkan also respect nature and have domesticated more primitive animals and kept them as pets.


The Arkan can breathe fire, reminiscent to Dragons of old folklore. Due to their larger eyes, they have enhanced eyesight and can see in the dark. Flight is one of their better abilities, removing the need for transportation vehicles. One of the most noted abilities of the Arkan is that they are able to sometimes camouflage and blend into their surroundings. This has proved to be most useful, and has kept them alive for billions of years.


The Arkan cannot use their ability of flight to the maximum potential on days with no wind. They can also be sickened on particularly hot days as their immune system is not built for hot days since the first generation evolved in the Polar Province of Yorlon. Natural elements are their greatest enemy and can easily kill an Arkan.


The Arkan live generally on Yorlon. However, they also seem to live on Lorveu, but in rare numbers, and even rarer on Andrick. They prefer cold or warm grassy and windy areas, close to the sea.