Constructed Mythology


Argonie is a magical world in which adventure, excitement, and mystery are never far away. It is the world in which many tales and stories take place.


Argonie is made up of many continents and realms. There are six continents, which are named Tessair, the Falmiric Islands, Mirnorie, Hynemia, Thessacia, and the Moonstone Isles. Each continent has a population of all races, which are Elves, Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, Lurdanes, Dragons, the People of the Hills (which are the Tuath Denarn, Bryniau, Elarnil, and the Ronnar), Iron Ones, and the Almond Children. Each continent has an advesary (Dark Lord) hidden within the continent, ready to take it over. In order of continents, they are Wergilo, Anganir, Isenordal, Tarthalon, and many for the Moonstone Isles. Because Thessacia was abandoned, no Dark Lord threatens to conquer it. Hynemia was mostly sunken by foaming waters during the First Deluge.


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Argonie has many factions, usually two, though sometimes one, for each race. For Elves, there are the Elves of the Rose, or the Elves of the Thorn, for Dwarves, there are the Dwarves of the Axe, Dwarves of the Gems, and Simonsides. Human factions include Falmirians, Tessairi, and Hynemians.All races are frequent within the largest faction, the Burnished Cloud Army.


see Houses of Argonie.


The People of the Hills are generally worshipped as deities because of their immortality, beauty, and might. They are all involved with Argonie's creation. Typically, each race worships them under different names, and only the Elves worship the entire pantheon.