Constructed Mythology

Arbon, a city and province in Beolothor. The city of Arbon is the capital city of the Monarchical Country of Beolothor and served as home of the Royal Family. The province is run a Corrath (Governor) by royal appointment and assisted by a selected Lorans and nobles while the city itself is run by the City Commissioner. The current Corrath of Arbon is Sir Ramo Forman, Visoran Carbo of Fenics while the Commissioner is Commissioner Van W. Tampicos.

The Arbon Garrison Guard is the city's elite city police force led by Captain Gilles Racozi.

With a population of over 500,000, it is one of the Hanver's largest cities. Almost half of Beolthor's population live in the Arbon province, and nearly a quarter in Arbon itself, making it the country's foremost economic, political, and cultural center.

Administrative Divisions[]

The capital city Arbon is divided into 25 district. The district vary greatly in area (from 10 to 47 km²) and population (from less than 140,000 to 630,000). Relyte has the most people, while Armchose, the largest area. The government of each district handles many of the functions that are handled by city governments in other jurisdictions.

  • Hillbonge District
  • Blackburg District
  • Donjack District
  • Eundric District
  • Ganbuck District
  • Zerlingtaft District
  • Cassiurn District
  • Gavrinooch District
  • Gamcheon District
  • Genrook District
  • Faunak District
  • Gunshine District
  • Marchion District
  • Rungfell District
  • Kanae District
  • Mapock District
  • Nendlings District
  • Chosen District
  • Daemund District
  • Sicarth District
  • Vamdens District
  • Songfree District
  • Wadernz District
  • Paims District
  • Loud District


Arbon is primarily a business and cultural center. It is one of the principal trading center of the country. Jewelry and a number of other craft products are made here that are produced in a workshops and blacksmiths.

Among the city's other industries are printing and publishing, clothes manufacturing and tourism.


The smallest of the provinces of Beolothor, Arbon consists the city itself and few rural parts of the province. Almost a quarter of the province's population is in the city of Arbon.

Administrative Division[]

The entire province of Arbon is divided into 11 Lorandy, 4 Visorandy, and 2 Borrandy. Each nobles ruling this part is subject to the authorities of the Corrath or the Governor appointed by the King of Beolothor and by consent of the Circle of Nobles.

List of Lorandy

  • Segamick
  • Schniles
  • Razulia
  • Gatdulaff
  • Van Deass
  • Vberbond
  • Iffreahia
  • Margo-Santuss
  • Neillas
  • Spearthrum
  • Aquanes

List of Visorandy

  • Nelo
  • Galanva
  • Braenir
  • Dhor

List of Borrandy

  • Calkyrine
  • Jeavas-Antarus