Constructed Mythology

The Forest Kingdom of Araphorr is a ganeshian monarchical kingdom located at Darathorne. They are based in Ophir Forest and their is an estimate that there are over 500,000 ganeshian living there. This nation is now led by King Dekeladi Uth Dekeladi who ruled from his capital city, Talia.


Araphorr occupies a large area along the western coast of Darathorne and includes much of the continent's interior region. Its topography is also diverse, including hills, mountains, plains, highlands, and scrub lands. The northwestern parts of the country consist of broad, rolling terrain broken by low, rounded hills. The southeastern section is more rugged, with a complex mass of ridges and mountain ranges while the rest are part of the Ophir Forest.

The entire kingdom consists only of few fortified cities and well-garrisoned towns, notably the capital city of Talia. The land is divided into only three provinces called Feoris governed by a Feor. These are northern Talia Proper where the capital city Talia is located, the southwest Varitha where the city of Sentiora is based and the eastern Darkhorn where the Darkhorn Keep serves as the capital.


The King of Araphorr is the head sovereign of the realm as well as the commander-in-chief of the Forestblades, the kingdom's valiant army. He is assisted by the House of the Speakers, members of the court who was raise through the ranks by merits and patronage of the king. They are the administrators and officials of the kingdom as well as the commanders of the Forestblades.

The Feorises of the Kingdom are then divided into few fortified cities and towns, connected by a well-built roads and guarded by Forest Patrols. Since the Ophir Forest is a treacherous place to be, being full of bandits and brigades, all cities and towns have it's own militia and a contingent of forestblade soldiers.