Constructed Mythology

Animas is a magical land, which is home to clans of sentient animals. Its location is unknown.


Animas originated as an uninhabited land. It was very lush and beautiful, but it was bordered by a very large desert. Before long, animals seeking refuge from the burning sands came upon it. They took refuge in it. Slowly, through some unknown magical power, the animals became intelligent. After this change, however, there were still many feuds, and it was every man (or animal) for himself, until one of the bears presented an idea of separating into clans, which would at least keep a certain amount of order that was much needed. The animals all agreed. They then formed the following clans:



The Hawk clan lived in the eastern mountains. At one point, the hawk clan formed an alliance with wolf clan. Hawk clan's leader was Keelar.


Wolf clan was one of the most powerful canine clans. They also lived further east in the mountains. Wolf Clan's leader was Kotani, before the War of Prophecies. Their leader is now Silvastan.


Jackal clan was Wolf Clan's chief enemy. They lived further south in the mountains. They were the main enemy in the Great Jackal War. Their leader was formerly Anubis, but they now have an anonymous leader.


Snake clan lived in the southern grasslands. Under the influence of an evil advisor, their leader, Slathar, allied with Anubis during the Great Jackal War.


Lizard clan lived in the dryer sand dunes of Animas. They are allies with the snake clan.


Bear clan was one of the wiser clans of Animas. They lived further west in the mountains.


Lion clan lived in the southwestern savannah. They were involved in their own affairs most of the time, but they served as the dealers of justice in Animas. When Anubis was sentenced to imprisonment, the lions guarded him.

Rodent Nation[]

The Rodent Nation was a clan made up of the rodents of Animas. They were a very large group, and thus were given a single clan, rather than dividing into many different ones.


The Great Jackal War[]

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