Constructed Mythology

Zeleeda Anhunio -Mother goddess

Zeleeda was the god of love of a diffrent religion, however when the Master of these gods found out she had become pregnant by his hand, she was banished to a blue planet called earth. It was here she fell upon the the land of Imperio Maksia before the easten invasion , and began to lead them into a new age. After 10 months she gave birth to the rest of the gods.

She is seen as the the mother goddess, ruler of the gods and is responsable for acts of love and the diety used when people marry, due to her marrying two of her own children together. It is this event which allows incestual relationships to be legal in Imperio Maksia.

Her symbol is a heart with an eye inside it.

Giua - God of earth

Giua is the god of earth and the first born of Zeleeda. He is supposed to look like a handsome musculer man with trees for hair. He rose the land into mountains and planted obsidan, granite and gold to grow. It is said that he weeped silver at his wedding to his youngest sister. People worship him for good harvests and mining, and for wealth and the Budding season. His symbol is a Hammer.

Nyru - Godess of water Nyru is the goddess of water and second born. She looks like a beautiful woman with long flowing blue hair and a robe of white. it is belived that her hair is the sea in which they fish. She is known for her mood swings and hatred for rats, which she likes to kill in her hair. Due to this, sailors throw rats overbord to thier deaths at sea, to please the goddess during storms. She is worshiped for rain, the sea, fish, Ice season and healing and her symbol is a wave half frozen.

Sition- god of metal and fertility

Iris- Goddess of wind

Falcore - goddess of thunder

Charon - God of reincarnation

Reaper - God of death

Foamy - God of law

Sollaya -goddess of fire

Cujura and Lilith - Soul Sisters and daughters of Giua and Sollaya