Constructed Mythology

Andros is the country (often called the Great Country) of men and elves. It is a few hours to the shore of the land. It has many cities, including Laslos, Annoras, Ilannor, Carnolin, and Port Nallorn. It holds up 63% of men in the world, and 35% of elves.


Andros was founded by the Lorinarian King Estellar and his sons. The elves of the country at the time, Estelari, befriended the Lorinarians and started Andros. They built Annoras as the capital, and the other cities were around the Gold Lake served as city-states. Other minor towns were built northwards. After Estellar's death at the hands of a tengu, his wife Stelmarien became the first and only queen, and was succeeded by her son Horrinar. Then came Aldren and his sons, and then it became the Dark Dynasty, since Arhuroth started to be filled with the forces of evil.

Royal Line[]

  • Estellar
  • Stelmarien
  • Horrinar
  • Aldren
  • Ernelion
  • Laurelot
  • Glatisant (Later became king of Baldigan)
  • Flanion

The Dark Dynasty[]

  • Gulerion
  • Sansil


Andros got in many wars with Arhuroth, especially after Estellar's death. These wars include:

  • The Hunter War- the war after Estellar's death. Tengu were driven to Froxen and Sumuros northwards.
  • The Anseloth War- Lord Anseloth of the dark elves brought tengu back southwards and was defeated.
  • Lesser Wars- these other wars were minor and very short.