Constructed Mythology

Andaric (pronounced as an-DARE-ic) is a project started by the Black_Gypsy00. It is a work in progress (which is why the page will probably have lots of changing information). Andaric is a vast world comprising of three continents: Iotari, Karthya, and the Whitelands, and three main bodies of water: the Ocean of Mists, the Eastern Ocean, and the Greyfrost Ocean. Most of Andaric great nations are settled on Iotari, the most powerful in the world being the Kingdom of Karnatha.


Andaric is a world filled with plains, the massive Emerald Plains on Iotari being home to the Kingdom of Karnatha. The Gypsy Hills in eastern Iotari are the largest area of hills in Andaric, with the Sapphire Hills on Karthya being the second largest. The forest of Aldathyr encompasses not only the entire nation of Aldathyr but expand also into Karnatha and the very edge of the Blacklands. The Blackwoods of Karnatha, bordering on the Albora Range, is the most extensive forest within Karnatha.

Creation Myth[]

There are many myths to the creation of Andaric, however, the most widely accepted is the Mysteries of Huane and the Mysteries of Briddia. The whole of the Mysteries can be read here.

Races unique to Andaric[]

  • Yuza'zhar

The Yuza'zhar of Blizzard Isle are a benevolent race, only killing for food and in self-defense. They look slightly demonic, having red skin and white tattoos, and four horns on their heads in red and black.Yuza'zhar live in tents made of White Bear skins.

  • Syldai

Syldai are a variation of the common elves of Andaric. They have grey skin, black hair, and grey eyes. Most Syldai dress in dark colors, blending in with the Albora Mountains of their home. High-ranking Syldai may wear bright colors such as blue, gold, pink, etc.

  • Zayratha

The Zayratha are a race of brown-skinned humanoids living in the Belkyan Desert. They have wings in red and orange, and commonly wear clothes in brown, made of Htar leather. Their eyes resemble that of a cat, in yellow or jade green.

  • Htar

Htar are small, dragon-like creatures that are hunted by the Zayratha in the Belkyan Desert. Their skin is brown, and their wingspan is 15.5 feet. They are vulture-like, feeding on the corpses of animals and humanoids that died in the desert.

Other races: Bestiary of Andaric

List of Andarican Nations[]

  1. Kingdom of Karnatha
  2. Bruda'tir
  3. Coastal Nation of Karthyas
  4. Hvidejord
  5. Nediun'ta Daluri
  6. al-Wathan