Constructed Mythology

Anðríös fighting a sixteen-year-old Lor.

Anðríös was an ancient creature that was found in the vast caverns of the mountain of Yale. He was found by a Sheppard who was looking for a lost sheep. When the dragon woke, he left the caverns and began feasting on the town below the mountain's livestock and burning their homes. After two days of the dragon's rule over the town, Lor came to save the town. Lor fought the dragon for two hours and had him slain at the top of a cliff above the mountain. Eighteen years later, the dark Lðkíran named Haknarl, brought a dragon to Rötskívar. He said that the dragon was Anðríös and that he brought about his resurrection. Lor and several of his best warriors confronted Haknarl and his three minions. Haknarl was able to escape. But, his minions were killed. Eventually, Lor and his warriors were able to slay the dragon. It is unknown if the dragon was truly Anðríös.

Anðríös' return

Anðríös, after his resurrection.