Constructed Mythology

JÔntui, also known as Jontui Rozz was the first ambassador of King David the Fifth. He is also said to be the ambassador to the King's only child, Princess Breay (as confirmed by officals). He was a Jewish Elf



"Whzat d mun!?" -JÔntui's mother at his birth

JÔntui was born in 1104 A.D. to a Jewish family. He was supposed to be a girl and doctors were shocked at his gender differnce, because the mother use magic to tell the gender. She yelld 'Whazt d mun?" meaning "It's a boy? Huh?"


At the age of 103 he met a Gnome that said "Hullo; what is up?" because he only spoke Hebrew and Elven; he asked his mother about it, she said he spoke English; quickly JÔntui leanred this new and odd lanuage.

Mayor of Rome[]

At three-hunered and thiry three he traveled to Rome and became the mayor for three days, whenthey learned he was a Jew they fired him and didn't even mind to mark his name down on the liat of mayors.

Island of Theed[]

He sailed away to an Island called Theed whening learning King David the fourth had died he was called (with all the other elfs) to Scotland to honor him.

Need a new counciler?[]

King David the Fifth was to young to rule so, for the time being the ambassador of the late King David the Fourth took over for the next two years. Also Head Counciler Betty Smirled took over as Ambassador for not only Rep. King Hunter Yun but, also King David the Fifth, so the lead counciler spot was up for graps. Here was the People's list for the New Seat:

  • Assiant-Head Counciler Andrew Quincy
  • Former Mayor of Rome JÔntui of Isreal
  • King of Elfs in two years, David the Fifth


Mayor JÔntui Of Isreal won. After a year Ambassdor Bettey Smirled died and JÔntui took the spot. Once David 5 was old enough he took throne by this time he had a wife and a Daughter.