Constructed Mythology

Amaratheia is a fantasy world that is slowy turning into somethign resembling a parallel of the modern world. Once in past, magic was abundant and a common part of society. However, over the last milennia, both the power and frequency of magic and those able to use it has dwindled; at the same time, technology has risen to the forefront. The result is a world that has been forced to awaken from a long-term cultural stasis as its peoples struggle to change and adapt to a harsh new reality.


Amaratheia is a roughly earth-sized world; the planet has three main continents, Erdea, Jaliman and the largely unexplored Darklonia.

  • Erdea
    • Wumanja Jungle
    • Stoneclaw Mountains
    • Ortuk Wastes
    • Erdea Sea
    • Blackened Woods
    • Darkholme Valley
    • Ameran Crater
    • Vilgaris Ruins
  • Jaliman
    • Ashkan Desert
  • Darklonia
  • Tethys Ocean



  • Amerathanian Dragons
    • Fire Dragon
    • Magma Dragon
    • Ocean Dragon
  • Wyvern
  • Frosthorn
  • Dire Dingo
  • Terriblesaurus
  • Undead
    • Unyeilding
    • Vampire


  • Karanya
    • Amar'astan
    • Dro'atharia
  • Vilgan Empire
    • Kingdom of Vilgia
    • Duchy of Vilikavia
  • Alberia
  • Queeganac
  • Amer'athas
  • Selar'athan
  • Xanscarli
  • Stoneclaw League


  • Crimson Guard
  • Blood Knights
  • Anchient and Honourable Brotherhood of Necromancers
  • Galeborne Ravagers

Magic and Technology[]

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  • Blood Knights
    • Bloodrinker Blade
  • Deathtouch Rifle


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  • Sharna Frostborne
  • Korvus Sorrowgrave
  • Mikhail Kyuzo
  • Bjarn Luzuren
  • Altis Farstrider
  • Xenevas Shinessa
  • (Butch Fury)
  • Randolph Stoat
  • Teeva Swiftclaw
  • Lian Vindicta
  • Skarvald the Bloody