Constructed Mythology

There is world unlike ours a world where human beings are not usually the dominant race or top of the food chain. A world where physical and magical abilities and intellect are a vital importance for your survival. A world where science cannot even explain the origins of this place. In order to survive you must be strong and smart to evade or face the trials that awaits you. Where war is constant and peace is a dream that is yet to be fulfilled. Altharion it is a place located between heaven and earth. It cannot be accessed to ordinary humans who are living in our present earth. Only a few selected humans from our earth are permitted access to altharion. These selected humans are the one who will forge a legacy or a curse to the beings of altharion.these selected humans are given gifts from the omnipotent beings that reside in a divine place on altharion.this gifts vary from superhuman strength to elemental is up to these chosen humans to bring peace or bring chaos to altharion.these selected beings are called the "Chosen Ones".these selected humans cannot comeback to reality unless they fulfill the orders of the gods or what they call their destiny.but it is up to the chosen ones to stay or comeback to earth.whats more interesting about this world is that 100 years in altharion are like 1 minute in earth.these chosen ones live longer than ordinary humans on altharion. the life span of these chosens ones are at minimum of 300 years to a maximum of 1000 yrs.if the life span of the chosen ones are over they will perish in the world of altharion and will return to the original earth and they will never ever can comeback to altharion forever.their legacy is over.and a new chosen one will be sent to altharion to establish his or her legacy.


it is unknown to any beings even the gods of altharion or anyone what is the origin of this place.but it is said that when earth was made so is altharion but it was put in another dimension.only these chosen ones will uncover what is the origin of altharion.


There are 10 gods that reside in altharion.thought these gods are not omnipotent they are very powerful beings and cannot die of means that they can be killed.though it needs a power much greater than these gods in order to kill them.they reside in a place where only beings of powerful energies are welcomed.this place is called Argos a place where gods dwell.


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