Constructed Mythology

Even the Betemer call us barbarians. That is how we like it. -Wahtorimpu the Cannibal


The Alka are a split-off of the Betemer warrior tribes who wandered the icey steppes and swampy lands long before any man. They spawned from the same battle-axe and spear cultures. The Alka seemed to have migrated into the region due to their cannibalistic ways. It is said that even the Betemer who will chew off the flesh of their victims found the way Alkas ate the internal organs out to be savage. Alka then fled with their bears to their own home. It is in their home that they hunt and kill. War is a static thing in this realm.


The Patron god to the Alka is Bvalos. Bvalos is said to have been a giant of a beast who was born from bear and human. Bvalos is a god of cannibalism and will only be pleased with his followers when they have consumed the raw flesh of their frozen victims until only teeth-marked bones are left.

Harsh North[]

This harsh north has caused housing to be nil. The only settlements found in the area are temporary shacks that can be packed up on sleds and pulled by bears at any time. It is said these lands are so black and unholy that at times of the year the sun will not even shine. This is the holy time for the Alka. During the perpetual night the great hunts will begin and raids will be conducted upon their unsuspecting neighbors. The Inio in particular fear this time. Nearly all men from around the world fear this region and its great icey cliffs which can crash down into avelanches at nearly any time.


Typically the Alka are dark skinned and dark haired due to inter-breeding with this previous natives to the region. They stand tall and the common man only reaches an Alka man's chest. Alkas usually have long, untamed, mangled, and greasy black hair and blue eyes. They are almost always muscular and feral looking. Never has there been an Alka who has gone without clan markings and mutilations. Male and female upon birth are cut across the stomach with a clan's marking. This is usually of fertility. The teeth of such men are said to be filed down so that they can slice into flesh like sharks. The muscle of both male and female buldge and press hard on the flesh.