Constructed Mythology

Alexander Quintus Barlaghn (born in Cerbia, Kandarlon on March 24 938) is the former Holy Marshal of the Order of the St. Francos the Defender. He is the older brother of Domitius Barlaghn, making him an uncle of the Emperor of Kandarlon, Favian XVIII and Jacus Luwald Imperio-Barlaghn, Chief Marshal of the empire.


He is the oldest son of the late Raihn Barlaghn, steward of the Dokar of Corbus and Aemilia Bartas. He's currently a Francosian Consul stationed at Saz, Kandarlon.

Married to Selina Erlton, a cousin of Darren Erlton, he has two children: George Tatjan Barlaghn (Jan. 24, 965) and Fenix Louis Barlaghn (August 11, 966).

Francosian Guard[]

Although he was destined to be a priest for the Church of the Holy Moon, he was finally persuaded to join the Francosian Guards by his father. He entered the order the Order as novice in 954.

In 962, while as an Acolyte, he was taken as a secretary of the Cardinal Goliem, Francosian Consul in Dieber and an influential member of the order. He accompanied him in his diplomatic as well as religious mission around that country.

He was ordained Priest and was assigned of Keeper of the Archives in 968. Then he was appointed assistant Consul at Dieber in 972. He became a bishop in 979 and he was stationed in Beolothor. He was ordained as Cardinal in 989.

In 995, he became a High Councilor and became head of the Interior and Finance of the Order. His terms of office as its head was abruptly stopped when he was elected by the High Council to be the successor of Favian Sarheno, who died in office in February 10, 1000. Although reluctant, he accepted this position and made important strides to stabilize the order.

A conservative, he zealously enforces the rules and regulations of the order as well as helping propagate the ideals of the order. He strengthen the diplomatic relationship with the other countries and sets out to centralized the power of the Holy Marshal. Known as the Traveling Marshal, he traveled extensively throughout the continent, visiting every monarchs and continent leaders everywhere. He's biggest achievement for the Order is the improvement of administration of the different headquarters of the Order throughout the continent.

He stepped down in office after five year reigned and was succeeded by Maria Mabuse. Due to his reputation as a diplomat, he was appointed as Francosian Consul stationed in Kandarlon.