Constructed Mythology
Albonorda was a race, which consisted of two independent and rivalled, vicious races, the Human Race (but many humans survived for scarce a few seconds in Albonorda) and the Ytriargh which were a race of evil beasts. Both longed for bloodlust and war, each race seeking the destruction of the other. There is a Gap in the Real World (or Erghmnyl, as the Ytriargh called our world), which leads to a hill which no one has ever crossed since before the beginning of time.[]


The Ytriargh are a race of extremely vicious beasts who all long for bloodlust and war as it were in times gone by. The Ytriargh hated the human race and for many years, they were enemies. Ytriargh was created by a man named Thyrgryth who always cursed the human race for invasion of their own lands.


The Ytriargh have many different traits and qualities. Long since the beginning of time, just before Humans entered Albonorda, Thyrgryth conjured, hired and black-mailed as many wizards as he could. He is the creator of the whole of Albonorda. These wizards were trained in dark magic and instructed to conjure many dark and evil creatures from the deadly pits of Hell (or Hearcoll, as the Ytriargh call it), or change animals or a regular mythical creature like a dragon into something much more dangerous. All of these creatures were sent off for war.