Constructed Mythology

Alamyr is a continent in in the North-East of Okara. Very little of the continent is populated by sentient races, but what is is dominated by humans, with a small population of Beastmen. The rest of the continent is uninhabited, but various legends say it is infested with demons.

Alamyr is separated into two regions:

Meaning ‘Evil Forest’ in Zenwu, Rín Shié covers more than two thirds of Alamyr. It is a region of spider-filled marshes and endless, dark rainforests. It is here that the Rahzuhr reside.

Uēi Shàng is the small portion of Alamyr populated by humans. Uēi Shàng is the home of the four dynasties of the Zenwu people, Zenwu itself, Nikkan, Chougyung, and Mansai.

Usekai, a large island to the south, is considered a subcontinent of Alamyr. It is home to various kingdoms, and is known for its extensive spice trade.