Constructed Mythology

Alagast is the single supercontinent on the world of Eana. It is comprised of six continents and stretches two thirds of the way around Eana's circumference.


Alagast comprises all of the land-bound habitats on Eana. Within the tropics are a combination of all-encompassing rain forests and expansive deserts designed to test the will of any who venture in. In the temperate band of the planet oak forests and grasslands take over, swathes of green and grey where mountain peaks poke through the blanket of vegetation. Here roam a variety of beasts far beyond comprehension and many sentient races ready to either tear apart lone travellers or else turn them to their cause.


All religions in Alagast are dedicated either to Aú, the creator of Eana, or to one of the Faenaúran, his first creations and deities in their own right. Not all worship the light but follow the fallen Faenaúran and their leader, . These are the acolytes of the Dark Parthenon.


There are a wide variety of beasts within Alagast. Many are native to our world but there are several which are not. They include dragons, Vatcha and Kaebras.