Constructed Mythology

Aghongi (the Shadowed Ones in the language of Riamh) are strong creatures. They are all black with only two toes on each foot. They have four steel blades on each hand, rather than fingers. From infancy to the age of fourteen, they are trained in combat using these claws. At the age of fifteen, an Aghongus will recieve a pair of katanas. They are then trained to use these in combat. When not in use, the swords go in two sheaths on their back that form an 'X'. Aghongi lack mouths, and speak with their minds using telepathy. If an Aghongus does some horrible crime, he or she will be kicked out and become an outcast. Outcasts wear a black cloak with a hood that tells other Aghongi that they are an outcast.


After the great war between the Mahlofe and the Qorushay, Frahb, leader of the evil Mahlofe created the Aghongi to slay the Qorushay, who by this point were living in heaven. When the Aghongi arrived, Goonja, goddess of life, gave them souls. The once evil Aghongi became benevolent. They now knew things like goodness, hope, and love.


These creatures live among us, in the shadows where they are hidden. They have been known to fall in love with humans.


The Aghongi possess various dark powers. These include teleportation, invisibility, and manipulation af a black fire that they create in their hands. This fire, surpriningly, creates a warm glow. They can also leap through trees at infancy.


The best known Aghongus myth is the Qorasht saga. This tells the story af a young , outcast Aghongus who falls madly in love with a beautiful young human girl and braves many dangers just to be with her.