Constructed Mythology

The Aethûl is a being in Aenar legend supposedly chosen by the gods to maintain peace and order, and act as a mediator between all races. It is believed that there can only be one Aethûl at a time, and when they die, they are reincarnated as another person. Most legends say that the Aethûl can only be born as a human, or at least that the only known Aethûl are human, though there is some dispute behind this, as there is at least one elven Aethûl mentioned in the legends. The Ellyrian word for Aethûl is Ylladain.

Known Aethûl[]

From available records, only four Aethûl could be discovered

·         Abasi (Amar, Nawari)

4000 B.A - ? B.A.

·         Barathiel (Winterfall Mountains, Eldruin)

? B.A

·         Kanzaryaku (Nikkan, Alamyr)

? B.A

·         Dale (Silverrock Mountains, Dæcia, Eldruin)

588 A.E – 635 A.E


The word ‘Aethûl’ comes from the Aenar prefix ‘ae’ – meaning ‘heavenly’, and their word for ‘warrior’,  ‘ga’thûl’