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Ae'Mogo was a giant female Guggor who became famous for her frenzied rampage across the western lands.

Ae` mogo

Ae'Mogo, ready to confront the Fubadub Allies, Nee legion and third party.


Ae'Mogo looked unlike any other Guggor in the world. She dwarfed normal Guggors, being at least three times as large. Her cry was very distinctive; a loud, snort/roar which could be heard from miles away.


Ae'Mogo was not born a behemoth. However, as a young Guggor, she grew up in a peaceful valley, full of easygoing farmers, who were more than happy to occasionally share some food with the little Guggor. Unfortunately, Ae'Mogo made a habit of visiting all fifty of the farmers in the valley each day, and soon became quite large. Nevertheless, the farmers had grown fond of Ae'Mogo and continued to feed her. When Ae'Mogo reached adulthood (in Guggor years, so around 5 normal years), she was so huge, the amount of food she recieved every day was no longer enough to keep her happy. One day, she left the valley in search of a land where food was more plentiful. However, Fubadubia can be a harsh place, and Ae'Mogo was soon starving. Then, as with all hungry Guggors, Ae'Mogo began to tromp across the continent, terrorizing villages, settlements, camps and any other place where there was food. Word quickly spread about this seemingly unstoppable goliath heading north. Quickly, the Fubadub Allies and the Nee Legion agreed to put their differences aside for one short week and focus on stopping Ae'Mogo. The Guggor and the army collided on the Plains of Nothingness. Though the death toll was high for both the allies and the legion, in the end, they were able to bring Ae'Mogo down. The Giant would never rise again. To this day, Ae'Mogo's bones lie solemnly there in the center of the Plains of Nothingness as a quiet reminder of the trouble a Guggor can cause.

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