Constructed Mythology

Adi Town, commonly known as Adi, is sometimes called the shuburb of Cornwall, the biggest city in Nabonidus because of its close proximity. Many bandits reside here and battles here are common.


According to the myths, the village was built as a peace treaty between the humans and the Hercles, a now-extinct species.


The city has three entrances. However, there is no fourth because it acts as the symbolism of their failure to recognize the Great Fish, one of the four major dieties, as a major god.

Places of Interest[]

The marketplace is small but very exotic. This is the only marketplace that sells Hercles objects in Nabonidus, and attracts many historians and tourists.

The Tower of Tales, turned into a watch tower after the Apocalypse Massacres, is still a good place to hear not-so-commonly-known tales and myths of the Hercles.

The Beer Hall is a very popular hangout for bandits. However, battles here are very common. Sometimes, free drinks are given out during holidays.

The Fort of Peace, a rare archaelogical find, was dug up here. It is now a tourist site.