Constructed Mythology

The Adhvasaha Mushuri is the most famous Elvish epic in the Yird. It is divided into three books, each being named after one of the heads of Ashvamagajar. "Jayanashodhra" begins with the creation of the universe from the divine spark up to the first elves, Vlymros and Kaldros. "Magnara" follows the rise of the Elvish Empire to its fall from the dwarfish and human rebellions. "Peleristius" begins with the rise of the modern nation and ends ultimately with the Battle of the Gods and the armageddon. There is no single main character in the book, although the Tatsuja monk Jinkyo once wrote, "The protagonist of the Adhvasaha Mushuri is time itself. From when time is born to when time dies, many events occur and pass. Thus only time tells the tale."


The Adhvasaha Mushuri was written approximately in the year 432 of the first era by the ancient elf religious leader, Binpei Raklamas. Raklamas was born into the priestly class of Taieios and when he was just 23 he had a dream from the god Chatrati that told him to write the history of the gods, elves, and the entire universe for that matter. It took him five years to write it onto Amarethean papyrus scrolls. The epic soon came to define the elvish religion and it was translated into many tongues with some examples being the Hugner om'n Etherversche of the dwarfs and the Awarisaga Noshori of the humans. The Adhvasaha Mushuri is also a very important text for learning ancient Elvish and it is read in schools across the Yird including the most famous Imperial University of Mineii in Imperial City.


Jayanashodhra begins with the creation of the universe ex nihilo by the divine spark, apharkudhra. From the apharkudhra sprang forth Lord Ashvamagajar. Ashvama is the ancient Elvish word for "(he) who has", gajira means "three", and ar is short for arushi which is the trial of aro meaning "head". Thus Ashvamagajar is "(he) who has three heads".