Constructed Mythology

part of the Orthyn realm

This rock, delved deep beneath the surface, is well known for its mystical properties. How mankind came to know of this stone, its power and its processing is unknown. The rock has the ability to alter energy in quite a spectacular way, allowing for a user to bind elements to his will. That transfer of energy is what humans refer to as magick.

Processed Adamantine[]

Dusts and powders of Adamantine can be processed into anything. It comes as no surprise that humans prefer the rock dust imbued in weapons and armor. Even though it would not make a difference for a magick laity; moreover without the proper knowledge, it would most likely weaken the structure of a fine steel blade rather than adding any value. The true mage, however, prefers items not bothering his hands such as rings, amulets or other trinkets.

Solid Adamantine[]

Processed items might be uncommon and very expensive, but the true treasures are the solid Adamantine objects. Nobody knows how many of those items still exist and no master smith in this age is capable to reproduce any of these ancient artifacts. The only known objects are either in the hands of untraceable sorcerers, latent Deity or lost.