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A-Blymen is the island nation of the O-Blywen, part of the oceanic world X.

It's the cultural home of the O-Blywen. Traditionally sea ports were in the south and east. The capital is in the southeast, and was once the main trading port. Since the arrival of the Hurdenet, a new city has sprung up on the western coast. Due to diminishing sea traffic in the east, the western city is now the trading capital, and the largest city on the island.

The island itself is 119 000 square miles, a bit smaller than Germany. 32% of the land is arable, and 68% is wilderness. The population stands at 7.1 million Blywen, Bullen and Hurdenet, with the major Hurdenet settlements in the west, and the north being given over to the Bullen.


The land is steep and mountainous with many exposed peaks. It was once a volcanic chain. The country claims two large islands and numerous smaller ones.

Aside from the Eastern Capital and the Western Port, there are five smaller cities. Of these, two in the southern bay are major, the southeast in particular a manufacturer of highly fashionable goods. The city in the southwest is known for its large Hurdenet population. Another city outside the Eastern Capital acts as a annex, catering to foreigners, who may not live in the capital.

In the centre lies a city made of hunting crossroads and containing many holy shrines. Further north in the Bullen region are the major Bullen strongholds.


Blywen - small, blue-skinned people with a symbiotic relationship with a red algae, allowing them to photosynthesise. Though they exist mainly by hunting, in times of need a Blyma may be sustained by sun and water alone. This allowed their initially small population to survive many disasters that would have destroyed other races. They are matriarchal.

Hurdenet - the most "human" race, these seafaring folk bear small horns and are renowned traders. They seek the unification of the races of men against the sea people.

Bullen - highly sexually dimorphic, the males are huge and muscular, bearing large horns, while the females are far smaller, with only small horns. The Bullen females are about the size of Blywen males, a comparison which has led to endless tension between the races. Bullen live in strongholds and hunting camps, not caring for life in cities or at sea. While there are various tribes, they are capable of massing together under their generals to form a united army.



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